Our total management and control system allows us to manage each project in real time, jointly achieving the objectives and goals in each of the our projects and work. Centralizing information which increases accessibility in any place and time from the palm of your hand, monitoring communications and immediate orders with global support.

Monitoring of construction processes in real time, management of the work program and resources real-time, cost optimization, reduced supervision, efficient planning and immediate decision making, control and quality of inventory in real time, greater productivity and performance, risk reduction, optimization of critical routes.


Arquitectura Industrial de México uses the POWER OF PROCORE

During the Projection and execution of work we specialize in planning and supervising the TOTAL control of the work through real-time management, thanks to our platform comprehensive project PROCORE.

  • ° Fulfillment of objectives in time and investment amounts.
  • ° Information management and work teams through our digital platform PROCORE.
  • ° Prevention and control of risks that affect the profitability of the project.
  • ° Timely decision making
  • ° All the activities of the Pre-construction Management and the Building.
  • ° Consultancy and advice throughout the project process process including budget control.
  • ° Planning and development of strategies for optimal project development and work.
  • ° Competition and tenders.
  • ° Work supervision.
  • ° Planning and documentary control of work.
  • ° Contractor and supplier management.


Arquitectura Industrial de México has the training and necessary certifications in terms of: environment and Civil Protection, of which official certificates are issued

Direct supervision on site, of contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and visitors; Coordination of security officers of contractors and subcontractors at managerial level of work, (and if required, also of patrimonial surveillance, paramedic services or doctors on site, ambulance, brigade, Health and Safety Commission, of the Internal Unit for Civil Protection, anti-doping and breathalyzer services, transfers care of protected or regulated species of fauna, vegetation or flora); Consulting compliance with legislation, current Mexican regulations on environmental protection and occupational safety, international regulations, and advice to comply with specific contractual requirements of its clients. Industrial Architecture of Mexico helps to design and implement health and safety management systems in their works, such as care for the environment, which are compatible with quality management systems; Management before Civil Protection and Firefighters.







To date, we have more than 85,000 man hours with no fatal accidents or permanent disabilities, in 500,000 m² Covered, Project and Construction to date.